Print Kimono

Thrift shopping is really in style these days and I like finding good deals just as much as the next Twella so I'm definitely on board. Over the holiday break when I was visiting my parents in South Carolina, I spent a fun day out thrifting with my Mom. Along with the beautiful weather (75 degrees) and great company (Mom) the highlight of this day was finding this awesome printed kimono that I bought for $4.50. Yes, you read that correctly - $4.50.

I dressed this Kimono down with a pair of comfy jeans that fit like a glove, 

a leather stretch belt that I made myself, 


and my freshly finished black combat boots, check out the post where I described making these boots here.

The finished look. 



Kimono - Salvation Army / Jeans - Forever 21 / Leather Stretch Belt - Handmade by Charanor / Black Combat Boots (Women's Size 12) - Handmade by Charanor

Photo Credit: Miso Lee