Black Leather Combat Boots

Black leather combat boots are simply a Fall/Winter staple for any Twella. Would you believe that I could not find a pair of cool black leather combat boots anywhere in a women's size 12?!?... I couldn't believe it either.

On two occasions, I ordered a pair of black combat boots on the internet. When they arrived in the mail something was off with both of them. Either the silhouette was an odd shape or the material looked too cheap. In both cases, I had to pack the boots up and ship them back for a refund *cha-ching*. 

Finally, I just decided to make my own. It's a good thing that I'm a shoe designer.

First, I looked through my collection of leather skins and chose which color I wanted my boots to be. Black is always a winner. 

Then I cut the patterns and cut the leather. This is my personal sewing machine, we're in love and I'm the jealous type. 

After the leather was cut, I sewed the pieces of the upper together. 

Then it was time to last. 


Lasting is the process of fitting the shoe around an object that is the shape of a human foot. After the shoe is lasted, it's time to put on the sole. 

TaDa!!! The finished product - 3/4 View. 

She is so cute - Side View.

She looks good from every angle - Front View. 

This is me taking my women's size 12 Black Leather Combat Boots out for a test run around the classroom - obviously we keep it very tidy. They fit perfectly!!! Stay tuned for a style diary featuring these boots I made.

Until Next Design, 


Photo Credit: Den Ly