3D Printed Shoe

I recently designed and constructed a shoe that was printed with a Makerbot 3D printer. It was my first time working with a 3D printer so the process was pretty cool and very interesting. 

First, I did a few pencil sketches of some designs that I would like to have created with a 3D printer. 

I picked my favorite sketch and then recreated it on the computer in the Illustrator program. 

I handed my Illustrator rendering off to a jewelry designer that I partnered with named Vitaliy. He converted my 2D Illustrator drawing into a 3D file using the Rhino computer program. 

The 3D Rhino file was then fed into a Makerbot and printed out. 

It took a little trial and error to get it to print out just right. Not bad for the first try. 

The shoe was made to fit on a real foot so it had to be printed in two pieces and then glued together.

I knew I wanted to paint it a different color so I used white spray paint as a primer.

The shoe was then hand-painted a lustrous gold color.

The last step was to cut the straps and insole out of a rich purple hide and attach them to the shoe. 


As an added bonus to this awesome project I had the opportunity to get a Doob of myself made. A Doob is a tiny figurine that is made in your own image. The first and only step is to stand in this room and have your picture snapped by several cameras all at once. The cameras are positioned from head to toe and 360 degrees around your body to capture your unique likeness. 

A few weeks later my Doob was delivered. I'm in love with her and she even has a little bit of sass like yours truly :)

The fun never ends. I can't get enough of this :)

The fun never ends. I can't get enough of this. 


Me, my shoe and my doob all on display at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Words can't express how delighted I am with the finished product so I'll just spell it out - L.O.V.E. 

Until Next Design,


Photo Credit: Vasi King