Leather Bow Ties

Last week I had a couples of orders for leather bow ties so I decided to make one for myself while I was already in the bow-tie-flow. 

First, I cut out the patterns. I also tried a new nail polish during this time, I think I like it :)

Next, I traced the patterns on the leather and cut them out with my rotary blade - which totally looks like a pizza cutter. 

At this point, I used my skiving knife to thin out the edges for turning. Leather can be very thick sometimes and skiving helps reduce the bulk around the edges. 

I added top line tape to the edges I wanted to turn..

and then turned them with my bone folder, look how neat they are. I get really OCD about the details. 

I glued the front and lining of the bow ties together...

..and then used my rotary blade again to slice off the edges so they look nice and straight.

In between bites of Ben & Jerry's vegan ice cream, I sewed all around the edges of the bowties. 

I attached the hardware to the strap to make the bow ties adjustable around the neck for a comfy fit. 

Squish Squish, time to start molding the leather into the shape I want...

..and attaching the strap to the bow. 

The very last step is to tack down the ends of the glued pieces to secure them permanently. Leather is super thick so I had to punch a hole with my awl to get the process started. 

The finished product. I love how shiny the gold is and red is my favorite color. I also love the crisp smell of buttery soft Italian leather so it's safe to say I love everything about these bow ties :)

Until Next Design,