Design Process: Levia - Short Bootie

The final piece that I handmade for my design thesis is a short bootie that laces up the side with prominent spike details.


This is the original pencil sketch that I did of the design. It was intended to have a contoured wedge heel that resembled driftwood in the ocean.


I started with a block of clay and cut it to the shape of a wedge heel.


I attempted to carve a natural looking wood grain into the clay but the end result was so ugly that I decided to scrap this heel design.


I ended up using the narwhal horn style heel and spikes on this shoe. It took many rounds of painting and finishing to end up with the perfect color.


Applying the pearl embroidery so it looks like it was effortlessly scattered in just the right places. You can never have too many pearls.


Lasting the upper.


A sneak peek of the finished product. This one is my absolute favorite piece from the collection.

Until next design,